Payment and Delivery

Shopping is complate, its time for paying! Don’t worry, it’s easy. We have a lot of payment option
– Credit card
– Transfer / EFT
Payment is okay, now it’s on delivery. Orders up to 16:00 on weekdays will be shipped in 2 business days.
Orders on weekend and public holidays will be shipped next business day.
For all your inquiries, questions and suggestions, please call +90 539 658 69 70 and e-mail
Shipping Price
Shipping charges vary according to the packaging dimensions and weight of the product to be sent. Most products are covered by We recommend that you read the product information section of the product to be received. In some of our products, the obligation to pay the Shipping fee belongs to the buyer. The obligation to pay the shipping costs of the faulty product shipments made by belongs to the seller.
When will my order be shipped?
Once you have placed your order and received your order confirmation, you will receive an e-mail and your order registration will be received. You will receive your order from the moment your order registration reaches to the shipping unit, and your products will be delivered and delivered to the shipping company. cannot be held liable for delays and problems that may arise from cargo companies. No shipments are made on Sundays.
When and how will my order be delivered?
The delivery time is 3 business days from the date your order is shipped. Your order will be delivered to you or the person you specify at the delivery address you specify. Delivery of your orders is done by Cargo. You can follow up your order in the işi Order Tracking ‘section on’ Member Login ‘page.
How can I track my order?
You can see the status of your order on the işi Order Tracking ‘page on your” Member Login “page.
U Preparing Your Order hazırlanma indicates that your order has been received and is in preparation.
Belir Awaiting Payment ulaş means that your transfer has not yet been received by us.
The statement ir Canceled ilgili informs you that the payment is not paid within 5 days of the payments made by the money order and that your order will be canceled and your email address will be sent to you.
Eder Shipping eder means that your order has been given to the relevant cargo company from our company.
What should I pay attention to when I receive the product?
The cargo agent will ask for the identification or driver’s license when delivering the product to you or the person you specify. For this reason, you or the person who will take delivery of an identity card or license is required. Open the package you received the delivery of by the cargo officer and check your order. If you see any inaccuracies or deficiencies, please contact us immediately and do not accept the package by filling the cargo delivery report.
What should I do if the product is missing from the cargo?
If the items you have received are missing from the cargo, you can send an e-mail describing the situation by specifying your order number on the ızı Communication numar page. You will be answered about this as soon as possible. If you wish, please contact our customer service representative at +90 539 658 69 70.
Important information about delivery
After receiving your cargo, you can open and check with the cargo officer. If you find that some products in your order are missing and / or damaged; Ask the cargo authority to prepare a report.
In the witnessing of the cargo authority, the minutes prepared at the time of first delivery are missing and very important in revealing the person responsible for the damage. Missing and / or damage notifications made hours after receiving the cargo may be rejected due to lack of minutes or due to inspection as it is not prepared at the time of delivery.
If you have any problems with shipping, please let us know as soon as possible.
In order to return your products / products for any reason; Keep in mind that the product must be stored in its original packaging, returned with all accessories and packaging materials, without physical damage.
For return transactions, all copies of the invoice must be sent with the product.